How HeapAgent is different from other memory-checking tools

The earlier you catch bugs, the less expensive they are. Every tools vendor says it. You've heard it. HeapAgent delivers it.

HeapAgent is the first memory checker that was designed both to be thorough in its error detection AND to be used every time you run your app. That's why HeapAgent works on regular debug builds and has effectively no runtime impact.

In fact, we're so serious about HeapAgent's "use it all the time" philosophy that there are some errors, such as stack violations, that HeapAgent intentionally does not catch because no technique has been devised that catches them without sacrificing this zero-cost usability.

There are huge benefits to checking your regular builds for memory bugs every time you run your app:

  • You don't waste time trying to decide whether some vague symptom was caused by a memory bug.
  • You don't waste time reproducing bugs with your memory checker on that you first encountered with your memory checker off.
  • You don't waste time producing special builds just for your memory checker.
  • You don't waste time reconciling which (or whose) coding changes are responsible for new memory bugs because the bugs never get checked into the master source in the first place.

In fact, with HeapAgent, memory error detection becomes as painless and transparent as the compile-time error detection that is built into your compiler. In both cases, new code is always checked, so you can find and fix any bugs before the code is ever checked in.