Our customers say it best:

"In the SPEC CPU20006 suite, the benchmark component “483.xalancbmk” is commonly referred to as a “malloc abuser”. Using MicroQuill’s SmartHeap for this workload, the performance of the benchmark is significantly improved, almost doubling in performance."
Bill Buros, IBM Linux Performance Team.

"SmartHeap multiplied our application server throughput by a factor of six on quad-processor boxes."
Yaron Goldberg, Click Software

"On our Interaction Platform performance went up by 60% with SmartHeap."
Thomas Hempel, E.piphany

"We've seen doubled performance of Hyperwave Information Server."
Gerbert Orasche, Hyperwave

"Using the compilers default memory allocator, we actually had reduced performance on dual processor machines when we used multiple threads due to memory contention - even though the code itself was not memory intensive - and never reached more than 55% total CPU usage. When we tried the same code using SmartHeap, CPU usage was above 95% and we were able to increase throughput by 83%."
Randal Parsons, Bankers Trust

"Our RightPoint Real-Time Campaign Server saw over a 100% percent gain in throughput on SMP systems, simply by linking in SmartHeap."
Earl Stahl, RightPoint Software Inc.

"SmartHeap increased overall system performance of ReelTime, Pinnacle's non-linear digital video editor plug-ins, 100%."
Brian Lanier, Pinnacle Systems

"Before SmartHeap, on a multiprocessor machine our application performance actually decreased due to extensive context switching. Using SmartHeap on a Dual Processor machine, performance increased 111% due to the better memory management of SmartHeap."
Christopher M. Woods, Financial Insight Systems, Inc.

"SmartHeap was instrumental in solving our scalability issues on multi-processor systems."
William Adiletta, OptiMark Technologies Inc.

Some MicroQuill customers:

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