Here's what users are saying about HeapAgent

I really like how your software works. I ran it the first time without any problems, and HeapAgent pointed me to my error in minutes when it would have taken me days to find it.

Kevin Jay Marshall
Lighting Technologies

In the time it took to just install that other memory checking tool we had already found AND fixed our first memory bug with HeapAgent.

Christopher Pinto
Principle Software Engineer
Enterprise Networking Division
Banyan System, Inc.

I have been telling everyone I know in the s/w development world that they *must* have this tool.

Dane Brooke

I recommend that every Windows (3.1 or NT) developer use HeapAgent during the normal development process. BoundsChecker should be used after the application logic is completed and tested and before final testing. HeapAgent should be used by the developers and BoundsChecker should be used by the testing team. I do not recommend one over the other (if pushed, I would lean toward HeapAgent), but rather the use of both, only at different times.

Scott Luttenberg
Company name withheld by request
From an internal memo comparing the relative merits of HeapAgent and BoundsChecker.

I loaded HeapAgent to try to find the reason for a GP fault when my program exited. It found the problem within two minutes of loading, very impressive!

Bill Ward
European Electronic Systems

What I like best about HeapAgent is that it runs in *conjunction* with the VC++ debugger and detects memory errors during normal development procedures.

Rajanish Jain
Surfware Inc.

I use HeapAgent throughout my development process to catch problems as early as possible -- when they're the cheapest to find and fix.

Landon Cox
Switching Division West

There are numerous top-notch code debuggers available, but programmers have been left empty-handed when it comes to heap debugging. HeapAgent plugs that gap! This is a MUST HAVE tool for any Windows C/C++ developer.

David Mandell
Plannet Crafters, Inc.

HeapAgent is not only a tremendous help at detecting hard-to-find errors, but it also reveals a remarkably complete set of useful diagnostic information that previously remained inaccessible in the heap.

Kevin Knoepp
True North Technology

I am very impressed with the way HeapAgent doesn't slow down my app the way other memory-checking tools have.

Tom DeSalvo

With HeapAgent's 'heap-event hooks,' you can quickly zoom in on the cause of errors WITHOUT rebuilding your application or cluttering up your source with debugging code.

Mike Moskowitz
Jetstream Software