SmartHeap licensing: questions and answers

Because SmartHeap is a library product, many customers have called us with questions about multiple users, distribution arrangements, royalties, etc. To help clarify our licensing terms, we've summarized the "legaleze" of the SmartHeap License Agreement into a few bullet points that we hope will answer your questions.

How is SmartHeap licensed?

SmartHeap is licensed on a per-developer basis. A SmartHeap binary license includes single-developer access to the SmartHeap header files and/or library files for a single developer on a particular machine. This applies even if the header or library file name(s) have been changed. Basically, every developer needing access to or writing code that relies on SmartHeap for memory management needs a license.

Is there a network version? How can I arrange for more than one developer to use SmartHeap?

SmartHeap is not available for networks. For organizations requiring multiple copies of SmartHeap, MicroQuill has provided multi-copy purchase discounts. The multi-unit prices are listed on the MicroQuill price list.

Can I distribute the SmartHeap libraries in my application? What about royalties?

You may distribute Runtime SmartHeap DLL, or executable files created using the Runtime SmartHeap library, as part of your application without royalties or fees, provided:

  • The application you develop (which includes the Runtime SmartHeap library or DLL) does not itself include redistribution rights. (We place no restrictions on sales channels such as dealers and distributors.)
  • The application you develop doesn't make memory management functions based on SmartHeap calls (or renamed equivalents) accessible to its users. For example, you may distribute a communications library that internally makes use of SmartHeap for memory management, but provides only communications functions in its public interface. However, a C++ class library that defined operator new (or a renamed equivalent) based on SmartHeap calls for its public classes could not be distributed.

There are two cases when the standard SmartHeap license doesn't apply:

  • If the application you produce is a library, development tool, or any type of program wherein the Runtime SmartHeap libraries or the SmartHeap DLL is redistributed by your customers.
  • If the application is a program that that makes memory management functions, based on SmartHeap, available to its users, either directly or indirectly.

In these cases, please contact MicroQuill for the necessary redistribution or OEM license.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please be sure to call us.